How Much Is An SSL Certificate How Much Is An SSL Certificate

How Much Is An SSL Certificate? How Much Is An SSL Certificate?

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The SSL certificate is responsible for creating secure communication between the client and the server.

What is an SSL certificate

SSL is a secure socket layer protocol, responsible for creating secure communication between the client and the server. This is accomplished through the server and client authentication and the negotiation of encryption algorithms and keys.

When you enter the secure area of ​​the website, Internet users associate SSL with the padlock that appears in the browser's address bar. They know to look for this information before entering any personal or financial information online. If the information is entered on an insecure website, the data will be transmitted from your computer to a web server, unencrypted and can be viewed in plain text. Anyone who "sniffs" data packets on the network or the Internet can capture your information and use it fraudulently.

All Bluehost customers can provide free shared SSL certificates for all assigned and parked domains and subdomains through Let's Encrypt. These should be installed and activated by themselves. For more information about manually enabling a free certificate, see How to activate a free SSL certificate.

To use the SSL protocol in your domain, the Bluehost server needs to install a private (non-shared) SSL certificate specifically for your domain. You can only do this if your account has a dedicated IP address. For information on purchasing a dedicated IP address, click here.

Please note that for standard and professional accounts, you can only have one dedicated IP and one SSL certificate. This is because you will only have one cPanel. For VPS, dedicated and reseller accounts, you can have multiple dedicated IP and SSL certificates because you can create multiple cPanels in your account.

After purchasing a dedicated IP for your Bluehost account, you can continue reading one of the following knowledge base articles:

  • Purchase Comodo trusted private SSL certificate through your Bluehost cPanel
  • Generate a self-signed certificate via Bluehost cPanel SSL/TLS manager
  • Purchase a trusted private SSL certificate through a third party

Note: SSL certificates are domain-specific. Please note when renaming the primary domain that the SSL certificate of the old primary domain will not work after the renaming process. The new primary domain will require a new SSL certificate.